The Original

The Texas Ranch Roundup is the “original” event designed to replicate the big cattle roundups of the late 1800s and early 1900s, and, in 1981 was the first of the hundreds of ranch rodeos that now occur all over North America. The first event committee determined that the participating ranches would be full-time, historic Texas cattle ranches and that the participants would be only owners, full-time hands, and immediate family members. They also determined that the ranch families should be involved outside the arena to showcase real ranch life and the talents that exist in the families.

The committee also developed the rules that are, for the most part, followed throughout the world of ranch rodeos today. The voting members of the committee are the designated representatives from each of the participating ranches. While many of the rules have been tweaked over the years, the event has held to its core principles.

The legacy of the great Texas ranches, the integrity of the participants and the ranches’ dedication to the benefitting charities has made the event successful beyond the wildest dreams of the founding group.