Texas Ranch Roundup


PARTICIPATION:  Participating ranches are chosen by invitation only.  The participating ranches, as a group, make the decision as to who will be invited to participate in the roundup when there is an opening.  Decisions are based primarily upon three key areas:      

  1. Status as a working ranch in Texas. 
  2. Historical significance.
  3. Ownership/Management history.

ELIGIBILITY:  Rodeo participants must be full time employees for at least 6 months prior to the event dates (roughly mid-February), or owners, managers and their immediate family members (spouses or children in college or younger), and none may work for another ranch. They must also be cowboy members of the WRCA and be on the current WRCA ranch card.  Non arena event participants must be full time hands, immediate family members or hired cooks for the ranch.

POINT SYSTEM:  Participating ranches must enter all arena events in order to be eligible for the team championship.  Points awarded for the five arena events are as follows:

                                          1st Place - 10 Points                    
                                          2nd Place - 7 Points                     
                                          3rd Place - 5 Points                      
                                          4th Place - 3 Points                       
                                          5th Place - 1 Point                         


Spurs will be awarded to winners with the highest average in these five events.